My Favorite Location

So, sometimes as a photographer, I have to scout out for locations.
Depending on what type of shoot it is, determines what kind of backdrop I am looking for.
If you notice in my photos, my favorite place in is the woods.
Whenever I design and set up a creative shoot for myself, it often is taken in place by the lake and in the woods.
Why those places?
Well, for starters it's gorgeous.
It has a lot to work with it.
 If you don't see the potential and the freedom you have to work with in the woods, you probably have a different type of style
 than myself or just really hate the outdoors.
The trees, tall, short, fat and skinny. Green and brown. The leaves of fall and the bright colors of spring.
Green is the natural color in summer and spring and the color that surrounds pops out.
In fall and winter, brown and blue are more darker.
 If you want something happy, or if you want something to bring out a more depressing/sad mood. Woods.
Okay, maybe the word forest sounds fancier than 'woods'.
Whatever you choose to call it.
All this to say that, the reason I choose the forest as my backdrop is probably because of imagination.
As you know, I love telling stories and the personal creative images I've taken are from me and nothing else. Google didn't create it, pinterest didn't create it. I did.
Often when I dream up of a story I am always wanting to escape and run free.
Which probably relates to something more in depth and some sort of therapist could probably tell me why.
I am dreaming of just escaping the world, even if its just for a moment.
There is a lot of craziness in this world and sometimes we just need to take a break.
 I've always grown up in the country and so if I just walked out my backdoor, there would be a field and a bunch of cattle.
The woods is not only an escape for me but for several other characters.
Imagine if little red riding hood walked through New York City, instead of through the woods.
She would have never met the wolf and therefore leaving the story really dumb.
Robin Hood, can't hunt just anywhere.
When I think of a princess wanting to leave the castle for bit, I think of the deep dark hollow woods. 
So, that is just a bit of why I have chosen the woods as my central location.