Moving forward

So, I've had my company for five years. I have come a very very long ways in this time. Both in my personal life and in my work life. I was merely a naive teenager at fifteen not knowing what would become of this - not knowing it would be as successful as it has proved to be. Now I'm twenty years old. I've been to college, worked at a camp for the entire summer in photography, been to many workshops, featured in magazines, blogs, galleries, ect. Who would've known, my work? I still feel as though I've been still trying to grow up in both work and personal life. In this development I'm moving my photography into a level that I can not bare contain my excitement. I have been longing for this moment in my photography since the beginning. I may be saying goodbye for awhile for the super happy, light, airy traditional photos you see tagged on someones facebook page or on pinterest.  I'm moving into the genre of non traditional, fashion forward, storybook telling images leaving you wanting more and being curious. The goal I'm so ready for. I hope you are able to still stay with me as I transition into this new path.
I love you all and can not express my words of gratitude for the support you've shown me.
Here's a small preview of what's to come.

Styling: Three Nails Photography 
MUAH: Meka Reliford


  1. YES!! that is the exact style i'm into. i feel you girl!! keep moving and creating!! you're gonna go far :)

  2. and btw, that last image is INCREDIBLE. holy freaking moly. kiiiiiilling it.