The idea for this photoshoot, really did start with a horse. I've always wanted to shoot with a horse.

And the oppertuinty arrived finally when I spoke to my
friend Naomi and she happen to have a friend of her's horse named Teddy, (I think thats right? haha)
She also had a gorgeous renaissance dress she found one
 day at a local thrift store and it all came together beautifully for this session.
If you have a business card of mine, 
depending on what image you chose, one 
of them has a photo of Naomi and Teddy and it often gets a great reaction. 
Also, this is yet another delayed blog post.
This session was done back about 3 months ago when it was cold.
I still love this shoot and Naomi is a beautiful model and to me,
this is one of those sessions where it tells a story where you kind of get imaginative.

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