So, I contacted Isaac one day, and asked if he would be willing to be my model.
And sure enough, he was willing! So thankful for friends who put up with my crazy ideas!
This is one of those, last minute kind of ideas, though we had a few days.
And if you personally know, you know I LOVE the nineteen-forties era. 
This shoot, is inspired once again by that time period, about a guy who
 just returned home from the war.
His hometown.
If you've ever seen 'The Notebook' this sort of reminds me of Noah.
Thank you to my friend Isaac, and creative photo shoot stylist, mom. 


  1. I LOVE these pictures! You did such a great job and your so lucky to have such amazing friends willing to model for you :)

  2. aww, Isaac is such a sweet guy, and these photos of him are great. :)