Rough Monday/Changes/ect

Sorry I haven't been on in SO long.
Things have gotten crazy since I've got a part time job,
in order to pay for a new camera.
mmm 5D mark ii, or 6D?
That, I haven't decided.-
I've done several shoots, shows and workshops in my free time!
Will be posting those soon!
Plus a photoshoot of yours truly. ;)
But today, I found out my dog I've had since I was six years old
had passed away.
Today I'd like to dedicated this post to her.

I posted earlier on my facebook, 
Just found out I lost my best friend I've had since I was six.
She was my best friend, we went on adventures and she protected me.
I loved her more than my friends.
She was apart of this family.
She was my dog.
Thank you
 tinker for the years you gave to me.
I'll never forget you.
I miss you so much.
I love you.
Rest in peace my baby.

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