The Rich Wedding 12 - 14 - 14

Wow wow wow. OKAY WHERE DO I BEGIN? First off, I am not great at writing, I am only good with photo taking. If you haven't figured that out already. Anyways, so here's how it goes.
It was 2012 and I had a broken foot. Yep, that was when I was 17 and doing bridals for Sarah (a good friend of mine) and I was literally rolling around in a wheelchair taking these (they are actually award winning! Who would've known?) and Sarah had brought one of her bridesmaids with her. That's when I met Rachel. I could obviously tell she was cool from the start. I mean, she had a adorable owl backpack on and had such a fun and sweet spirit about her! I met her again when Sarah and Trevor's wedding came in October of 2012 and I got to photograph her! We connected after the wedding and she asked me to take some photos of her and her boyfriend. ;) Me and Rachel went back and forth planning out this session and she told me how much she LOVED Johnny Cash! So keeping that in mind we got to have a Johnny & June little bit inspired session on the tracks. We had such a blast shooting them. The first thing I told myself in my head when I first started shooting them was, "dang, are they not models?? Lord! They knew how to pose!" When it was over with, Rachel handed me a card and a little basket full of candy. Any client who gives me chocolate is a friend of mine ;) haha!
They ended up loving the photos! Time went by and mom and I still kept in touch with Rachel. We loved watching their love story grow over the years and you could really see the love they had for each other. Mom and I secretly crossed our fingers in hopes Michael would propose soon after Rachel finished school. Guess what? He did. Right after graduation. We were so excited we anxiously started planning of course the engagement session. Something I absolutely have loved about Rachel is the fact that she loves having something different. She's not a typical, regular, overly pinned pinterest person. So when the engagement photos came, we created a bit of a whimsical, woodsy dream setting. I loved it. I could not WAIT TO PHOTOGRAPH THE WEDDING! Leading up to the wedding, we continued to keep in touch with Rachel. Rachel is someone who goes beyond and over and sincerely cares about people. Every now and then I would receive just a sweet card from her in the mail. She's honestly someone who has become a huge influence in my life and someone I see as an older sister.

(Okay, now for the photos - I'll continue the rest of this after you see them before I know you're dying to see them by now)

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P.S I  have no idea why all of these are out of order.

Michael, You are the man.  You are such a sweet guy and I'm so glad you and Rachel have found each other. You're one of those guys who are still 'good'. The polite and respectful guy who will do anything for his love. You are up for anything and have a great sense of humor!

Rachel, my dear sweet lady! I love being your little photographer. I have loved being apart of both yours and Michael's journey. I will forever be grateful to you and love you so dearly!

May you both have an incredible marriage. <3 

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