Where did the name Somewhat Photography originate? 
I was fifteen years old when all  of my friends were just getting into photography. My best friends mom was even a professional photographer with a studio. I took a photography class with a few friends at the time, just interested in it as a hobby. Well, as I took more photos, people thought I was getting into photography for the competitive side and thought I was going to pursue it professionally. (ha, ha! And little did I know I would!) I told them no, and that my photos were 'somewhat' photography. They were and they weren't. Somehow, the name stuck and I kept using it for all my photos and after receiving several inquires for sessions the name kept going on. I was never one to use my full name at the time since I was so young so I just kept using Somewhat Photography. And here I am, twenty years old and the name still gives people laughs.

What makes your images different than most?
Our images our specially designed for your session. If you have a story to tell, let us help you say it.
With being a non traditional photographer, your photos are going to be one of a kind. No more same pose, same place. No more "I saw this on pinterest several hundred times" Our setups, locations, props and design are made to tell a story.

What awards has Somewhat Photography been awarded?
We've had published work for several well known magazines, books, and blogs.
Emily has had the privilege of working with Tara Swain of Tara Swain Photography by attending a workshop as well with working with award winning top wedding and portrait photographer, Hunter Leone of Three Nails Photography by attending a workshop.
Somewhat Photography has also been voted by readers that Somewhat Photography was #1 Photographer in Rockwall Co, 2014